eos.uptrade Product Manager - eos.ticketingSuite

Hermes-OTTO International Corporate Newsletter - Concept, Development

361° Sport Microsite - Concept, Development

Zitra c/o Otto Group Product Manager / Product Owner - zitra.com Link

Mercedes-Benz: New Intranet - Product management, Concept, UX Work@Drehmoment

Carlsberg: Facebook page - Strategy, Project management Work@Drehmoment

Mercedes-Benz: New Retail website - Content strategy, Project management Work@Drehmoment Link

Mercedes-Benz: "Rausfahrkauf" campaign - Project management, Microsite, Media strategy Work@Drehmoment Link

Mercedes-Benz: Launch C-Class - Microsite/Social Media campaign - Concept, Project management Work@Drehmoment Link

Mercedes-Benz: Facebook page - Strategy and community building Work@Drehmoment

Mercedes-Benz: Launch CLA-Class - Microsite - Concept, UX, Project management Work@Drehmoment

Drehmoment: Corporate website Work@Drehmoment Link

myTaxi: Microsite/Display ads/Mobile ads - App launch in Washington D.C. Work@Drehmoment Link

Mercedes-Benz: Secret Dance with Jan Delay - Microsite Work@Drehmoment Link

DevilDuck Records: Relaunch Label website - Concept, UX, Development Link

F.A.Z.-Institut: Relaunch Corporate website - Concept, UX, Development, Project management Link

Hi, I am Olaf Blachowski.

Product Management & User Experience

Product Manager experienced in development roles for tech and marketing companies. Get in touch via XING or LinkedIn.